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Discover How to Attract New Customers Effortlessly With Your Very Own Talk Show or Podcast. Raven says, "YES! It's YOUR time to SHINE!"

In Broadcast Your Passion to Profits, Raven shares... "A lot of people miss the fact that their business can grow exponentially by using a simple tool that we all have in our homes and even in our cars - the Telephone! You can use the internet to build relationships but many people are missing the fact that you can truly build lasting relationships by picking up the phone and talking to people. Find out what you can do FOR them - not what they can do for you."

Raven also shares the difference of internet radio and podcasting and why businesses miss the opportunity to blast their messages all over the world with the phenomenal gift of broadcasting.

In 2009 political candidates took advantage of podcasts during the campaign because they realized Americans are continually on the move and may not take the time to watch TV, but they will download information to their iPod to listen to at their convenience. This resonates true and not just for politians but for everyday business individuals, just like YOU!

Utilizing Audio/Podcast Innovations in Your Business

There is power in your voice, I kid you not. Eighty percent of people remember what they hear; twenty percent remember what they read. Podcast is the new era. It's what's goin on, it's here, it's now, and it is not going away.

Dear Friend!

My name is Raven Blair Davis and I am the creator of three Internet radio talk shows:

  • Women Power Talk Radio
  • Mentoring from MLM Divas Live
  • Careers from the Kitchen Table

Women Power Radio is targeted at women over forty, Mentoring from MLM Divas Live is targeted at women in network marketing and Careers from The Kitchen Table is for the home business enthusiast as well as those looking to take their career from corporate to working at home.

Where and and how it all began.

My journey into radio began at a very bleak moment in my life. My Mom was extremely ill and was in the hospital for six months. Fear lurked in the corridors of the ICU Ward within the walls of Methodist Hospital while the woman who nurtured and protected me lay still and quiet.

There is so much quiet time when you are faced with endless hours waiting in a hospital! As your mind will do in desperate times, I started reviewing my Mom's life and I found myself asking questions, one in particular:

  • Had Mom done the things she wanted to do in her life?

To my despair, the answer was no to every question! Even I wasn’t living my dream. I hadn’t really done anything. Not anything that I felt was important or exciting. I felt I wasn’t leaving any kind of legacy. Where was the little girl that KNEW she was going to be somebody? What had happened to the adventurous young Raven who stood for hours in the shadows of the radio station amazed with the turntables and thrilled at the DJ’s banter? Was she a failure?

You'll read in Broadcast Your Passion to Profits the answers to these questions and much more, including how I evolved into, "The Talk Show Maven."

I immediately learned:

"We can only do what we think we can do. We can be only what we think we can be. We can have only what we think we can have.  What we do, what we are, what we have, all depends upon what we think." ~ Robert Collier

In this book, you'll learn why Podcasts are wonderful resources anyone can use for tutorials, music demos, educational training, newsletters and much, much more. This audio opportunity grows more and more each day.

Bottom line, it's your time to shine my friend. So, why not do it with your own internet radio talk show or podcast and begin to Podcast Your Passion or Business to Profits and start growing your business exponentially. Get your message out, sell more books, get more speaking engagements, and become the star you are because there is power in your voice.

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice, it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved." ~William Jennings Bryant

In Broadcast Your Passion to Profits, you'll learn how to:

  • Become popular in their chosen niche,
  • Increase Traffic
  • Edge out Competition
  • Promote and advertise their business globally
  • Attract Customers and Clients
  • How to Retain Current Customers
  • Generate Additional Income Streams
  • and so much more!



I have appeared on more than 800 radio interview shows in the past 20 years, and my time with Raven Blair Davis on her show "Careers from the Kitchen Table" was one of the most enjoyable ever. She is a rare combination of dynamic, spontaneous and fun, as well as thoroughly prepared, deeply insightful and a great listener who responds with great follow-up questions as well as her own experiences in a way that moves the conversation forward without stealing the focus. I would highly recommend being on her show to anyone who is serious about getting your message out to more people--and enjoying the process at the same time.
Jack Canfield
America's #1 Success Coach


Women Power Talk Radio ranks as one of the most exciting shows that I have had the pleasure of celebrating women with in a long time. Raven has a special way of connecting, inspiring and encouraging her audiences through her interviews and I am glad to play with you!!
Lisa Nichols, New York Times Best Selling Author, "No Matter What!"


Raven Blair Davis has opened the doors to expanded opportunities for countless people with her book Broadcast Your Passion To Profits, by showing them how to express their gifts, products and services through her book podcasting and Internet radio. Raven makes the process possible for anyone with the desire! Raven, is the ultimate source when it comes to learning the tricks of the trade in podcasting. Thanks to her, I now enjoy worldwide exposure for my messages and products through podcasting!
~ Diana Nightingale, author, speaker, radio host and widow of Earl Nightingale.


Discover Your TRUE Passion and Purpose! - "Whether your broadcasting, podcasting or living you daily life, Broadcast Your Passion will help you find your passion and live your dream. I recommend this book!"
~ Live with Aloha and Be Positive Regardless! ~ Wally Amos (Famous Amos)


Broadcast Your Passion To Profits is informative, very inspiring and packed full of money making ideas even a beginner can profit from! Great job, Raven!
~ Lisa Kitter, Empower You Now Publishing

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